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About PWN

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PWN is unique in that it offers a special blend of many types of networking groups and is a 501C6 non-profit organization. Fostering social connections, business development for our members, industry inclusivity, and mutual support are all critical parts of our organization.

You are invited to visit our weekly meeting, meet our members, introduce yourself and your business, and see if PWN fits into your strategic marketing plan. Please check our member categories to be sure that your category isn’t already taken prior to visiting

Visitors may attend twice before deciding to apply for membership. Annual membership is a flat fee of $150.00 the first year, and $99.00 the following years. Being a non-profit organization allows us to keep the membership fees low while providing enough finances for daily operations.

We are meeting online every Tuesday morning at 9:00am. 


Feel free to join us! Zoom ID# 93465840128

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