susie stojanovski

Susie Stojanovski, Independent Sr.  Sales Director with Mary Kay Inc., is one of the Original Founders and driving forces behind the inception of PWN.  She is a consummate networker, a passionate businesswoman and a successful entrepreneur.  As a Senior Director with Mary Kay, Susie has made an admirable career of working with women and caring about their futures.  She is a teacher, a coach and, best of all, a mentor in encouraging and motivating others toward success.

Susie was a medical professional before beginning her direct sales career with Mary Kay.  She originally got started in the beauty industry because she loves the products and has a distinct flair for creating the right look.  She also appreciates the flexibility and excellent income potential that Mary Kay offers. 

Team building and relationship management are key areas within which Susie excels. With over 2 decades with Mary Kay, Susie has had the remarkable opportunity and challenge of helping women build their own independent businesses.  Her goals include continuing to find and develop experiences that encourage both professional and personal growth.  She also believes that creating those opportunities for others are the best give-back she can offer to the women in her life.

Susie considers the beauty aspects of Mary Kay Cosmetics as important as the business side. As an attractive and engaging example of her own industry, anyone who meets Susie realizes that she believes that proper skin care and quality products will help women look and feel their best. Susie is frequent leader and participant in other professional organizations in South Orange County.  Whenever she speaks in front of a group, she embodies the best and boldest tagline of all: Helping You Look Beautiful Every Day.

Independent Senior Sales Director


Mission Viejo CA