Sandra Stockman is a certified Life Empowerment Coach and graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, one of the world’s finest life coach and leadership training programs.  With over 25 years of experience as a Human Resource Executive working with individuals of all levels on professional, career development and personal growth, Sandra has chosen to empower and coach people at an elevated level with enhanced connection and heart.  Her passion is now her purpose—watching clients step into the life they have only dreamed about and becoming who they truly are while bringing their dreams into reality.

She assists individuals from all walks of life guiding them both professionally and personally as they enhance all facets of their life including career, leadership, relationships and personal well-being.  Operating with the highest level of integrity, ethical standards and professionalism, Sandra finds passion and purpose teaching practiced awareness and new ways of being that generate powerful results and action.

Sandra is a long-time resident of Southern California who loves the beach, yoga, stand-up paddle board and time with friends and her two dogs.  She is an artist, inspired by the beauty and mystery of the ocean, and in her free time creates ocean wave sculptures out of hand-cut glass.


Accomplishment Coaching
Carlsbad CA (Serving clients everywhere)