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Who We Are

  •  A category exclusive women's networking group. 
  •  A non-profit organization

Members may only represent the category that was agreed upon when their application was submitted & approved.  Any changes in category require a new Membership application and process.


  • Regular attendance is required.  We meet at 7:30am for networking and start our meeting promptly at 7:45am.  If you anticipate missing a meeting, you are required to find a substitute to represent you.  The same sub cannot represent you more than once a month.
  • The sub will represent your business and will then have the opportunity to promote her own. The ideal sub is a potential member who represents an open category.  However, as this is not always possible, feel free to invite a good friend, neighbor, or even a family member.  While she might not represent a category, she just may become a client or customer.
  • Missing 3 meetings per calendar quarter without a sub will result in Membership being revoked. 
  • If a Member arrives after 8:15am on more than one occasion, it counts as an absence.  There may be a time when an early departure is necessary, but we expect everyone to participate fully until 9:00am.


  • Professional, neat attire as it applies to your business.
  • Be mindful that photographs will frequently be taken for social media promotional postings.

  Membership Process

  • A candidate for Membership may visit a weekly meeting up to 2 times before applying for Membership.
  • ​Once the application has been received, the membership committee will check her references and will present her credentials to the members for their vote and approval.
  • Our Membership Chair will then call or email the candidate notifying her of the results.
  • When the new candidate has been approved, she will have the opportunity to present her Skills and Services for 3 minutes to the group at the next meeting.
  • ​Once a member is approved, her dues cannot be refunded.

Social Media Commitment

  • Members will present their goods, services or related subject matter to the group once per quarter. 
  • An ongoing Speaker Schedule will be distributed to Members every other month.  New Members will be included in the Speaker Schedule as soon as possible. 
  • Speakers will be advertised as follows:


  • Weekly Speaker announcement goes online wednesday morning at 10am.
  • Each Speaker’s topic must be submitted to the Social Media Chair one week in advance.


  • High quality photos can be featured:  JPEG format and at least 1000 pixels wide.  
  • The same content submitted for Meetup will be used for Facebook & Instagram.