For the last 20 years I have dedicated myself to helping and sharing nutrition and wellness with others so they may achieve optimal health.
I work with four very successful and forward thinking doctors that realize, prevention of disease is critical in avoiding the devastating diseases we all face.
Through over 35 published researched studies that prove that consuming fruits, vegetables and berries...whole food, builds the foundation of good health, I have aligned myself with the Juice Plus Company.

During these last 20 years, I have successfully helped hundreds of people change from the American Standard Diet to a clean sustainable diet by simply eating their way to health by consuming plenty of plant based food.  Food we all need to eat every single day.
A recent study showed that to obtain the complete nutritional needs for an adult man or woman, we need to eat at least 9-13 servings of fruits, vegetables, berries and other varieties of plant based food.  An athlete needs to almost double their intake.  The majority of our nation is lucky to eat 2 plant foods per day.  Juice plus has provided the solution of bridging that nutritional gap because it is simply, fruits, vegetables, and berries. 

Please, take your health and the health of your family into your own hands and visit my website at to learn more about this simple concept. You can contact me at or call (949) 230-3554


National Marketing Director for the Juice Plus Company