Education:  University of Arizona/Psychology and Northern Arizona University/Radiology
Previous Jobs:  Retail Management, Land Development & Restaurant Management
Personal:  A resident of Carlsbad for 40+ years, married with 3 young adult children
Interests:  Sharing health and nutrition, growing my aeroponic TOWER GARDEN by Juice Plus, kayaking, paddle boarding, snow skiing, working out at OTF, and spending time with my family!

After rerouting my education path, I chose to pursue a career in restaurant management and gained experience in inventory and finance management, customer service, and human resources.  I loved the experience of multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment and valued the relationships I built with my employees.  While it was a great profession, the 70-hour work week was not conducive to raising a family, so I became a stay-at-home Mom (thanks to my husband).  Being a Mom was and still is the best job I have ever had. 

As my children grew up, I began to seek a new career journey and my doctor introduced me to Juice Plus.  I knew I was ready to dive into a new adventure but it had to be one that I was passionate about.  I experienced the benefits of Juice Plus by maintaining my health during a very stressful time and I knew it was something I wanted to share.  With this new journey, I studied holistic education, learned about the company, attended conferences, and most importantly, helped others.  Through Juice Plus, I have impacted the health of many people in all walks of life – family members; athletes; cancer patients; children.  I am always looking for ways to share my passion for health and wellness. 

In addition to my love of my career, my passion is people – helping others, communicating, sharing a smile, laughing together, and educating.  I am motivated by connecting with others and benefitting their overall health and am empowered by the relationships built along the way.  As a Juice Plus Representative, I believe in the saying: “It’s easier to prevent that it is to cure” and my goal is to continue to inspire others to commit to their health and wellness.  


Certified Wellness Consultant with Juice Plus
San Diego County - Carlsbad