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Irina Efremova is the proud Founder of Intellect Factory Corporation, children’s educational service. Her company specializes on teaching and practicing business and leadership skills, encouraging children’s own creativity, developing the fundamental soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, negotiation, problem solving, etc. Skills such as setting goals and achieving them, focusing on their dreams and following their passions, that make each person happy and successful. These skills should be fundamental like reading or math during the school years. If the child begins to learn these skills at an early age, when he or she graduates from school, they will feel confident in these new skills, that become automatic.       

Irina is an author of business and leadership programs and seminars for parents and children. She believes any child can be successful when he or she becomes an adult, regardless what type of life path they will choose. 

She has a Master Degree in Management and completed additional education programs such as “Time Management”, “Personal Development”, “Building the Personal Career”, etc.

Irina is a professional organizer and manager. She has organized events from children to government level. She loves to create new ideas and bring them to life.

Her hobbies are traveling, reading, psychology, sport. 

Irina’s  philosophy is “LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE”.