Florence LeFranc is a Certified Medicinal Herbalist and Certified Nutrition Therapist.  Her practice is devoted to recommending herbal medicine, supplements, foods and other natural substances to improve health and promote healing and overall well-being.

The body has primordial requirements in order to stay healthy, fight diseases and remain alive.  Depending upon the illness, it is possible to regain control over your health.  You must first understand the underlying cause of the imbalances within your body. By supporting its vital energy, you help prompt your body to reach optimum health --physically, mentally and spiritually. 

With offices in Laguna Hills, Florence sees clients of all ages and with all ailments.  At times she can offer an entire course of natural treatment to promote recovery while otherwise, she simply works to strengthen and supplement the current health status.

In addition to her natural remedy practice, Florence subscribes to a healthy lifestyle of good quality proteins and organic fruits and vegetables.  She understands the delicate balance of the body’s autoimmune system.  When she meets with a client for the initial intake review, her primary focus is to learn how well the body is functioning as a whole in order to address its most urgent needs first.

Herbal supplements and pure foods work alongside the natural, everyday bodily functions to invoke change and reaction.  Florence monitors her client’s progress carefully to ensure the steadiest and strongest return to health. Persistent treatment with the cleanest products possible plus lucid instruction & explanation give her client’s body every best chance for recovery.

She also created her own line of herbal medicines and supplements in 2018 named Terrazure (terrazure.com). 

Certified Medicinal Herbalist
Certified Nutrition Therapist
​Ortho-Molecular Medicine Specialist

23412 Moulton Parkway #120