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My name is Christy Ratliff and I am the Owner/Operator and Founder of Repurseible LLC.
I moved to Orange County 17 years ago to be with my husband and I have worked in Restaurant Management for over 30+ years

The company was started when my husband and I were out trying to buy me a purse for my birthday. I was not easily able to spend the amount of money most places where asking for the handbags, especially being that would lock me into one style or color. As we discussed further and I described my dream bag to my husband he began putting it on paper and next thing we know we had a new concept for a line of handbags and Repurseible was born!

We are an ecommerce online based business to start who want to share our love and passion for our new line of handbags that is a customizable and reversible purse, which is revolutionizing and turning the handbag industry on its head.