Independent Stylist



Barbara Bennett’s relationship with her nails changed when she discovered Color Street!  Previously she rarely bothered to paint them herself or go to the nail salon.  Now, she always has pretty nails!  Shortly after trying her first set, Barbara became a stylist with the company, and for two years has been enjoying and sharing this amazing product with customers and friends.  

Color Street has a variety of styles to suit everyone, from French manicure, to neutrals and bright solid colors, as well as glitters and fun nail art and seasonal designs for every holiday.  Can be worn on natural or artificial nails.  There’s even a petite and pedicure line.  She’s always happy to help you put them on but it’s actually very simple, just ask for a sample.  Shop from her stock or order from her website.

Barbara is a native of England, and came to California in her twenties.  She has three grown kids and two cats, and is a notary public and administrative support assistant in her spare time.