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Until further notice, we are meeting online  every Tuersday morning at 7:30am.

Feel free to join us! Zoom ID 887421580 

Is our group for you?

There are so many different types of professional networking groups available. Some focus on referrals and tracking business leads, some focus on specific industries and others focus on social connections and building professional relationships. PWN is unique in that it offers a special blend of many types of networking groups. Fostering social connections, business development for our members, industry inclusivity, and mutual support are all critical parts of our non-profit association. PWN is a place where women entrepreneurs and professionals connect and lean on one another. Our meetings offer members a place to learn, develop skills and expertise, ask for advice, give advice, admit to some problems in a safe space and feel confident in ourselves. Our membership is committed to the whole life business model (balance in family, job/business, health, spirituality, fun, etc.)
We actively encourage referrals through our meeting structure and in our socializing. Sharing ideas and encouraging the cross pollination of business gets support at PWN; we do business with each other, we are clients of each other and we hire each other.



No matter where you are in your career or stage of your business, you’ll find support and connection with us. Drawing membership from multiple industries, PWN is a vibrant and supportive community of women in business as employees, entrepreneurs, licensed professionals and small business owners.

PWN is a proud sponsor of OWI - Outreach to the world
Created by one of our members, Marjaana Seilonen, OWI is a non-profit organisation helping orphans in Kenya. For the last three years, we have been sponsoring the well being and education of our adoptive child, Jacob in Kenya! 
Some of us run the OC Marathon and 5K to raise money to provide water and support to the children of Kriminini!